The Difference Between Copywriting for SEO & SEO Editing

The difference between optimizing an existing page and creating original SEO content tends to spark a debate that needs to be understood and analysed. People need to look into these aspects and figure out the many features that it brings to the table. With rewriting or editing being the two main aspects, one needs to consider the differences and then move along to make the most of it. So if you have also been confused with the same, the following set of points will clear things out for the better.

Original Content & Key Phrase Editing

Key Phrase Editing

Writing original content and editing the same creates a line of difference that needs to be considered in this regard. With original content, the writer conducts key phrase research and looks at the results to gain a better understanding of it. With these results, the writer will also have to work on new content and build things from scratch.

On the other hand, key phrase editing refers to on-page optimization and involves the main task of editing. The basic technique is to add keywords and upgrade the text to suit a better format. As a result, the writer will not start things from scratch and will only be optimizing the content to suit top demands and requirements.

Important Factors

While both these tasks seem to be ideal, there are a few factors that you need to consider before choosing one from the lot. For example, if your page is quite essential for the sales process, it is best to write original content and rewrite the whole process. By doing so, you can also expect to receive better conversions and move ahead to accomplish your goals and objectives.

But when it comes to editing, the main factors that you need to look into are the bounce rate, sales, and how people have received the content. If the bounce rate is relatively low, if the sales process is not important, and if people have preferred the content you have put out, it is best to edit the article and not rewrite the same.

Important Factors

In this manner, you expect to receive the right kind of results that take you closer to the output you expect to receive. So look into these factors and understand the impact that it creates for both these tasks and how different they stand to be.


While it is not ideal for picking one from these tasks on the basis of imaginary points, it is apt to do with factors and proper definition. So under the content of this article and explore the basis on which it helps you make a decision that is meant for all the right reasons.